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December 11, 2020

Why Istanbul is an Important Location for Obesity Surgery?

For sure you have heard about the insane demand for plastic surgeries, hair transplantation, and medical tourism in Istanbul. It is not strange since Istanbul has what it takes to be famous in this field. Well equipped hospitals, expert doctors, and professional medical teams. 

Recently, many people all over the world have done obesity surgery which is known to be one of the weight loss surgery types, this surgery has solved many problems for many people around the world because not everyone can just lose their weight and in most cases it is a hard process and the chances of failing losing weight by daily exercising are high. Still, what makes Istanbul an important location for obesity surgery?

Before answering this question we need to give a simple definition of an obesity surgery:

Originally, the main goal of Bariatric procedures is to decrease the amount of calories and nutrients that enter the body in one way or another and the bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is an ideal option for people who are obese and couldn’t lose weight by following the traditional methods of losing weight like healthy food system, daily excersisngs 

The fact that Turkey has developed significantly during the past decade and built a very good reputation in the field of medical services especially the bariatric surgery field makes Turkey a very important place to have weight loss surgery. 

In general, doctors are professional and have long-term experience especially that this kind of surgery requires expert surgeons, and of course surgeons are not enough. There has to be a hospital that has advanced technologies and equipment to help the surgeons and medical teams accomplish the best results. 

The used process is an advanced process and used in countries like the UK, Canada, or the United States of America. 

The doctors begin by using a universal measurement called BMI “ Body Mass Index “ which is a method to determine whether a person is overweight or underweight and at the same time, it determines whether a person is eligible for weight loss surgery or not. 

Here are the general criteria that determine the eligibility of a person to have weight loss surgery:

  • If the BMI of a person is higher than 40 kg/m2 and failed non-surgical weight loss methods.
  • If the BMI of a person equals or more than 35 kg/m2 and has at least one obesity related health condition like diabetes for example.
  • If the BMI of a person equals or more than 35 kg/m2  and determined to be eligible by the doctor for a special condition. 

Most Popular Weight-Loss Surgeries Offered in Istanbul

There are many types of weight loss surgery in the world, and in Istanbul you can find many of these types:   

Gastric Bypass: is when the surgeon closes most of the stomach and leaves only a small pouch and then connects it to the middle of the small intestine to allow food to pass directly to it. 

Gastric Sleeve: is when the surgeon closes most of the stomach and reduces it into a small thin tube like stomach. 

Stomach Balloon: is when the surgeon inserts a special balloon filled with a special liquid to last for about 6 month. This balloon will reduce the stomach available room and prevent it from receiving a big amount of food. This surgery trains the patient to eat fewer amounts of food throughout the time. 

Nonetheless, there are many countries and cities around the world where you can have a professional weight loss surgery but most probably you will pay a lot of money or you can save a lot of money but fail to have pleasant results. However, you can have the same quality with the same experience level but less costs compared to successful countries in this field like the UK, Canada, the United States of America, Germany, or Brazil. Not to mention the extra services you get like airport pickups, hotel booking, tours around the city, and of course care services after the surgery. 

Overall, you will have a better quality you can have in Europe, Canada, or USA, expert surgeons and medical teams, have a fun time visiting places in one of the most famous cities, and pay reasonable costs. 

In the end, always remember that weight loss surgeries are the last option for you after you fail other nonsurgical methods because it is not suitable for everyone. 

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